Step 1: Organically Grown 

The hemp we use is grown in nutrient rich soil in the USA. We use 100% organic practices and the farmers we work with follow very strict guidelines delivering quality assured products. As a collective, we go the extra step to make sure our products are safe and effective.

Step 2: The Raw Hemp Process

Plants are dried after they are harvested. They are then milled into coarse powder. This process is known to help provide Premium Grade products.

Step 3: Extraction/Seperation

The purification process eliminates the compounds we don’t want influencing Munchie’s products. We save the phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids making our hemp oil full of cannabinoids leading our clients to receive the Entourage Effect. The last step to this part of Munchie’s process is removing undesirable plant solids.

Step 4: Distillation

Similar to alcohol, Munchie’s oil is distilled. This separates the hemp extract from the components used during our extraction phase.

Step 5: Removing the THC

Our CBD products contain zero THC. We remove the last of the unwanted compounds that we find in Munchie’s Oil thus removing the trace amounts of THC through technological practices.

Step 6: Lab Testing

All of our products are Farm Bill compliant. They are tested for quality. These tests give us(and you) a complete analysis of the compounds found in our products. Every product we offer comes with a QR code giving everyone access to these reports. Certificates of Analysis are available to our consumers and partners.

We care about our clients and the future of this industry. We vow to always be transparent. Our culture is about the big picture and we are dedicated to our mission. Sincerely,

The Munchie’s Team.